July 13, 2010
Today I ran double half day trips. The first group was Chris & Nate Karam and Tracy & Amanda Ross on vacation here from Grainger, IN. We loaded up the bait well with fresh menhaden and headed for the ocean. The seas were calm and the winds light. I pointed to the Keypost rock. As soon as I got the first two baits out we had our first strike. A very nice spanish mackerel in the box. We pick a up two more spanish quickly, these are not average spaniards but 4 to 5 lb class fish! The action was kind of spotty but we did end the day with 9 very nice spanish and had a triple hook up right before we were going to leave. One of which was about a 6 foot spinner shark that jumped several time before cutting us off. Very exciting to see! A good time was had by all and we had plenty of fishing action. Amanda had a bout with sea sickness, however hung in there like a trooper and manage to tuff it out! They went home with some great photos and plenty of fresh filets to eat!

The second trip to fish the afternoon was Wess Reid and his two sons Ben & Josh visiting here from Winchester, Va. We loaded up with fresh menhaden in one cast of the net and off we went. We exited Bogue Inlet on a falling tide with the SW wind blowing about 15 knots. It made the bar rather hairy with the waves braking all the way across, but we cleared with no problems and headed back to Keypost rock. We picked up a couple of large spanish and lost a couple right at the boat. Then while fighting a spanish the long bait starts screaming hard. We gaff the spanish and clear all lines to fight our smoker fish, that took about 200 yards of line on its first run. After a 15 minute fight we deck a 30.29 lb King Mackerel that was weighed in at Dudley's Marina for a NC Saltwater Citation. We ended the day with 3 large spanish, a 30 lb king and a 7 foot hammerhead shark that made a brief showing before cutting us off. I was a very exciting day for all aboard with some real cool fellows and they went home with some great photos, memories, and plenty of fish for Mackerel McNuggetts

October 7, 2012
Today I had a live bait trip planned with Gary Reynolds, Maysville NC and his brother Larry Reynolds and girlfriend Linda Newman visiting here from Knoxville, TN. We loaded up the live well with fresh menhaden and headed East. I got a late phone call from a friend that the King bite was on at the AR 285. We fished there for about 1 hour and nothing be sharks. I did see a couple King's boated and then there was a report of a good King bite happening back on the Western side, so we picked up and headed that way. When we got there I saw 5 boats hooked up. The first few bites were sharks, and then we finally got a King bite and into the box. Then we had a double header one made into the box a nice 25 lb King. Then another King in the sack. Then all the sudden we had several Cobia come into the spread. The biggest one ate a shad and did not run! He stayed right next to the boat. Now I have been in this situation a couple of times in the past, to gaff or not to gaff, the fish is GREEN!! Well I tell my crew to stand clear and stay out of the way. I grab the long gaff and stick him. The fish explodes and jumps about a foot out the water, rolls and breaks the end of the gaff OFF! We then battle the fish for a little over an hour and finally get him in the box! What a slob! We also while fighting the Cobia hook another smaller Cobia that we released. Well it was another exciting day aboard the Teezher. We weighed the Cobia at Dudleys Marina and the fish was a NC Saltwater Citation tipping the scales at 56 lbs. They went home with plenty of fresh fish for the grill and some memories to last a lifetime!

May 14, 2011
I was joined by Mike & David Straded, Jonathan Clapp and Cam Schub all from Burlington, NC for a Gulfstream trip. Had a comfortable ride out to the blue water. Pulled back the throttles just near the Naeco found some good clean blue water and 73.5 sst with flyers. Picked a Mahi very quickly and then had a double header Mahi bite and boated both fish. Then the bite slowed. With the seas picking up we opted to move inshore and try some bottom fishing and while getting ready to clear the deep bait, zzzzzzz fish on another Mahi in the boat! Worked to some numbers inshore and the current was running hard we made some drifts with catches of some nice sea bass, which we released. Then we headed in to Beaufort Inlet to give a shot at finding a Cobia. We found the bait balls and worked them for a while with no bites. There were some Cobia caught that day in the morning, but from reports the bite was slow. We never saw anybody hooked up. Well we all hoped for a day with a little more action but the guys had a great time on the water and went home with plenty of fresh Mahi.

May 4, 2014
I did not have a charter on Sunday so decided to pack up the boat and go try some bottom fishing. I was joined by my daughter Morgan and her boyfriend Josh for a day to find some bass, grouper & Cobia. Headed offshore towards Jerry's reef. We caught all the black Seabass you would want most of them were around 13 to 16 inches we probably had three or four limits per person and came home with a limit per person of all real nice 15 to 16 inch bass. Not much love from the grouper but my daughter did manage the first one of the year a nice fish at 29 inches. We saw lots of amberjack that would come up under the boat never did see any cobia. Great day on the water and came home with some real good eats.

September 28, 2012
I had a couple guys that wanted to fish on the East side of the Cape Lookout. I had Derrick Hopkins and Steve Allison from Burlington NC for the day. We loaded up the live well with fresh menhaden and headed for the shoals. The ocean was like a lake all day and we cleared the shoals and pointed to the 1700 rock. We got covered up with AJ's a couple times and kept two for the box. There was a couple of kings caught there but kind of slow. Picked up and headed to the chicken rock. Trolled there for a while with no bites. I was marking some good stuff on the bottom and switched over to bottom fishing. The first drop we caught a short grouper. Then we put down the Barefoot crab decoy jig, first drop keeper grouper, second drop American Red Snapper, which we vented and released. I am sold on these jigs, we also caught some very nice black sea bass, which we released. Also caught some fish on the Barefoot squid jigs. We caught several short grouper and did manage 2 keepers and a few nice trigger fish. We found out later that the kings turned on at the 30 minute rock but we were out of time, oh well still came home with some nice fish for the freezer and it was a great day had by all.

June 20, 2010
I had the pleasure of taking a group of Marines and Sailors just home from deployment in Afghanistan. We headed towards the Naeco in search of warm blue water. Just inshore of the Naeco we found 81.5 sst and put out the spread. There was a storm in our area and we worked offshore to avoid the worst part. Offshore of the Naeco we found a good grass line and very blue water with lots of flyers and 83.5 sst. It was very steady action all day with mostly slingers and 6 gaffers. The day total was 21 Mahi and 2 cuda and 1 sail made a brief showing but no hook up. It was a wonderful day on the water with a very fun group of guys, we all had a blast! They went home with coolers full of fresh Mahi, and lots of great photos to remember their trip!

Jan. & Feb. 2011
Well we have had a very cold winter with several snow storms here at the coast. Ready for some spring weather to get here. Fishing has mainly been slow offshore with only a few people venturing to the gulf stream. There have been some wahoo and blackfin tuna caught. We have also caught some redfish, aka puppy drum in the Bogue sound and near the beach in the surf zone. The March winds will be here soon and I have a few groups ready to head to the gulf stream so hopefully I will have some fresh reports to put up soon. See ya on the water, Capt. Bobby.

June 7, 2012
Today I was joined by Jay & Stephanie Jackson from S Boston, VA. They fished with me last year on a half day and were ready for the stream trip this time. I normally fish without a mate but only having two anglers I called my daughters boyfriend, Josh Johnson to come along to be my mate for the day. We cleared Beaufort Inlet about 5:45 am and pointed south toward the Rise. Started seeing lots of fliers, grass and sst shot up from 75 to 77 about 5 miles inshore of the Rise. Pulled em back and put em out! While putting out the first bait I had a dolphin nail my ballyhoo, hooked up and after a few nice jumps he spits the hook, darn. Well at lease we have found the fish. Get the rest of the spread out and shortly after have another gaffer coming to the boat which spits the hook as Josh starts to leader the fish, darn another lost dolphin. This happens two more times right at the boat, what the hell! Then we went through a real slow, no bites at all period. Now its 12:00 and still got the skunk on the boat, starting to get a bit worried. Then all the sudden, all hell brakes lose. We caught 11 Mahi in one hour and missed a few more! Wow, talk about pulling a day out right in the nick of time! Well the party went home very pleased with the day and plenty of fresh Mahi to eat. I will post the video soon!

July and August 2015
In July and August we ran mostly 6 hour trips. We caught king mackerel and big spanish mackerel. The water temps were very warm during this time and to our suprise managed to catch a few cobia along with barracuda, amberjack, mahi, black sea bass, a few hammerhead sharks and lot of small sand sharks.

May and June 2015
In May and June we ran mostly 6 and 9 hour trips and few Gulf stream trips. On the 6 and 9 hour trips we caught king and spanish mackerel, mahi, cobia, amberjack, bluefish, barracuda, sharks and black seabass. We did have a NC Citation king mackerel on June 24th that weighed 30.5 lbs caught by Luke Dooley from Montvale Va. The gulf stream trips we caught mostly mahi and triggerfish and black seabass while bottom fishing.

December 19, 2012
Well I gave my father, Stu, a early Xmas present. I put him on the best day of trout catching he has ever had! He almost got that citation, but fell just shy of the 5 lbs. The shortest fish was 18 inches and 3 were 22 inches and the rest were 20 inches, all nice fat trout. Caught all on live finger mullet, they were not falling for the fake stuff today. We also caught several under slot drum today. Back to the dock by noon. What a great day!

July 27th thru 30th, 2012
Well I took some time off to spend with my wife, Donna, my daughter, Morgan and my mate & daughters boyfriend, Josh Johnson before the kids have to go to college in a couple of weeks. Damn this summer has slipped away fast. We loaded up the boat and headed out of Beaufort Inlet on our adventure to Ocracoke Island. It was blowing out of the SW and made it a bit sloppy out to the end of the shoals. Made it out to about 125 foot and put out the spread. We trolled for about 2 hours and caught 1 king and 1 dolphin. The seas were getting worse so I said lets run on in to Ocracoke. Stayed at the Anchorage Inn & Marina. The staff there is great, Mike the dock master is a great guy and always very helpfull. Bill at the Inn is also very nice guy and very accommodating. I highly recommend stayin there if you ever come to Ocracoke by land or water. Enjoyed a nice rest of the day relaxing by the pool and chillin. Had a nice dinner at Howards to finish off a great day! Saturday we just hung out and relaxed all day and enjoyed crusing the Island on our rented golf cart. Sunday with the forecast looking good we headed offshore to fish. We started near the rock pile and then plan was to put some meat in the boat and then put out the plugs and try to catch a blue guy. Well we had a double headder mahi right off the bat, jumpped of one and put one in the box. Caught a few albi's and then we put a wahoo on the ice. With the first part of our plan complete we got out the big stuff and pulled the Black Bart's. Worked out to 100 fathoms and beyond, found some real nice blue water, flyers but no love from the man in the blue suit. Put out the mullet dredge and dink baits to finish the day but no love there either. Had a nice calm ride in and finished the day with some fresh mahi sevechi and cold cerveza's. On our last day we headed offshore with the plan to fish our way back home but mother nature changed our plans. There were squalls everywhere and we got rained on most of the way home. Oh well we still had a nice trip and it was really great to spend some quality time with my wife and daughter and Josh. I cant wait to plan our next trip.

June 6th & 8th 2011
These two trips were both full days. The trip on the 6th I was joined by Kyle McCall & Brian Yosay both from Youngstown, Oh. We started at Jerrys reef and found bait and good water 76.5 sst. I did not have the whole spread out and we had a Mahi come in and nail the medium bait, started jumping and peeling off line. The angler was Brian and he did a great job with the fired up Mahi. After lots of jumps the fish came to gaff and in the box. Kept working that area and caught another small Mahi. We picked up and moved offshore the the SW Ledges. Worked that area for a while with no bites. Also made a few drifts there on the bottom and caught a shark. Kyle caught a AJ and some small sea bass. Picked up and went back to Jerrys reef. Started bottom fishing and caught a few black sea bass. Had a school of small Mahi come in and I broke out the light spinner with a diamond jig and we hooked up to a Mahi, Brian had a blast with that fish on light tackle. Then we had a large school of Amberjack come in on us and had multiple hook ups with them. Had a fun time with two great guys. The trip on the 8th I was joined by some repeat clients from last year.I had Stephen Scott and his girl friend Jennifer Black and Todd Jackson and his son Heath all from Bethlehem, Ga. We started at the Christmas rock. With the seas and winds higher than forecasted I was forced to making drifts over the rock. Put out a good chum slick to attempt to get things going with no luck at all. Picked up and headed to some numbers offshore of Rock South of 13. Got there and marked good bait, put out the chum slick and finally got a good strike. Put Jennifer on the rod and while she was fighting that fish we had a nice king sky rocket and miss the bait another fish strike and miss and the another line goes off. This fish stays hooked up and we put Heath on the rod. Double hook up! We are doing battle with both fish and Jennifers fish comes up first and we could see its a very nice king. The fish makes several runs and we get the fish almost to the gaff and it makes another run and pulls the hooks! What a bummer. Now all focus is on Heaths fish. With this fish acting just like the other one, we take our time and finally the fish comes to gaff! We made a few more drifts over that area and no more bites. With the day coming to an end we all wished for a day with more action but thankfully the day ended with a nice 19.75 lb King Mack in the box. Stephen said it best " its still better than a day at work". This is so true.

August 10, 2011
Well I took off a few days of running charters to take my wife and daughter for a little get away trip to Ocracoke. We ran the ditch on the way up and got a slip and room at the Anchorage Inn & Marina. While we we there we met some folks on the dock from Salisbury, NC who have a house there on the island. Carol & Carson Herndon and Zack Illing. Carson is a member of FPT site and said he has been reading my reports for a couple years and when he saw my boat there he wanted to meet me. We hit it off great and I invited Carson & Zack to come fish with us one day. My daughter, Morgan, joined the two young men and myself for a day of offshore fishing. We cleared the Inlet at 6:15 am and was greeted by slick calm seas. We pointed to the Rock Pile and just inshore of the spot we found a temp. change birds working and flyers everywhere. We put out the baits and as we were working the area out of the corner of my eye, within 30 feet of the boat a large Blue Marlin sky rockets and the water explodes with slinger mahi. Then the Marlin jumps again right behind the boat right between the flat lines. Mahi jumping everywhere. Then both of the short rigger lines start screaming, a double mahi hook up. Then the Marlin jumps again near the long riggers, turns and come hauling tail back to thru the spread chasing mahi on the surface. We were hoping to get a hookup with him but it never happened. We boated both mahi and continued to work that area. This was truly a very exciting thing for all of us to witness and something none of us will ever forget. We picked up two nice wahoo's and pulled the hooks on two more. Jumped off another mahi and had a few more knock downs. Then towards the end of the day we saw a school of blackfin tuna exploding on the surface and saw another Marlin jumping after the tuna. We worked the area but no hook ups. It was a very exciting day of fishing and some great friendships where made. We went to the Herndon's house for some fresh seared wahoo and watched some of the video footage we took that I will post soon. The weather was great and we had a very good time and will be planning to return in the very near future!

June 22 thru 27, 2010
I took a little time off to spend with my wife and daughter and my wife's family on vacation in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Sparta, NC. Spent time with family relaxing and enjoy the cooler mountain climate and beautiful scenery. Being a fisherman I had to get in some time taking advantage of the freshwater action the area had to offer. We fished the local ponds and canoed down the New River catching small mouth bass and red eye bass as well as brim. We fished a private pond one day and caught very nice large mouth bass as large as 7 lbs, cat fish up to 20 lbs, muskie up to 20 lbs and carp to 7 lbs. It was a wonder trip and a great time was had by all.

August 2012
The month of August I ran nine trips mostly half day and a couple full day live bait and bottom fishing trips. We caught allot of small sharks, lots of very nice Spanish mackerel, king mackerel, barracuda, black sea bass, trigger fish and grouper. I had some very nice people join me and enjoyed having them aboard. Thank you to all that came and fished with me this month. Below are a few photos from these trips.

October 23, 2011

I had a inshore trip today to target Trout. I was joined by Gary Reynolds from Maysville, NC. Gary has never caught a Trout before today! We never kept an exact count on how many we released, but it was allot, pretty much non stop action all day. Most of them were just short of legal but we did have 7 keeper Specks, the shortest was 15 and the longest was 21 inches and 1 grey that was 18 inches. We caught all the fish on artificial's, gulps & MirrOlures but all the big ones were caught on MirrOlures. What a beautiful day on the water it was and a very fun day of fishing.

Oct. 10th, 2010
Headed to the stream today with a group of good ole boys from the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia. We cleared Beaufort Inlet at 6:00 am and were greeted by slick seas and no wind. Found a good weed line and good blue water, 81.5 sst in about 135 foot just inshore of the Rise. Only had 3 baits in the water and the short rigger bait starts screaming, fish on! After a good fight we put a nice wahoo in the box. After a few more passes over our mark we pick up a small Blackfin tuna and a albi. Work offshore of the Rise to about 400 ft, no bites and decide to work back to where we started in the am. As soon as I get back to my mark we get a bite on the planner rod, another wahoo on ice! We circle back and a sail comes crashing on the long rigger twice,but no hook up. Very exciting for everyone to see, I hate we missed him. Then it slows up and pick up to give the bottom fishing a try for a while. Fished a few different spots and caught some nice Black sea bass, grunts. Even saw Capt Dave at one spot and fished near him for a little while, dont worry Dave I wont tell anyone one your spot. I came across that area a few years back and never have shared those numbers with anyone! All fish caught on black/purple skirts with medium ballyhoo. The sail hit a blue/white Islander. What a great day in the water with a great group of fellows.

April 25 & May 1, 2011
I had a gulf stream trip on Monday, April 25 with a great group of guys from Louisiana Joey and his son Jude and Damon here in the USMC. We fished inshore of the Swansboro Hole in about 135 ft. found 74.5 sst and descent blue water, some flyers and bait. Had a beautiful day on the water with light winds and calm seas. Had a some good action with a few missed fish and pulled of a wahoo right at the boat but did manage a nice gaffer Mahi, Wahoo and King. Plenty of fresh fish for the grill. Sunday May 1 we planned a gulf stream trip but was greeted by less than favorable sea conditions and opted for plan "B". Headed to Divers rock to catch some Bonito. Trolled some spoons and found lots of bait and birds working. Had non stop action with several double and triple hook ups. Found the Bonito working the surface and did manage to catch one on a pink & green diamond jig on 8 lb tackle, what a blast! Ended the day with 10 Bonito, 6 Spanish, 1 albacore & 4 blues. Great day on the water with 2 great fellows and they went home with plenty of meat!

July 4, 2010
Today I was joined by Dr. Eric Steinbicker of Mebane, NC with a gulf stream trip in mind. He was by himself since the rest of his party elected to decline. I asked if my father Stu could come along, with expectations of a busy day, Eric gladly excepted. We were greeted by slick calm seas and no wind and made 30 knots all the way to the gulf stream. I started 4 miles inshore of the Neaco after finding a 2 degree temp change, 81.5 to 83.5 sst, flyers and pretty blue water. Got the spread out and a bit slower than expected picking up a few small mahi. We worked offshore of the Naeco to about 135 ft of water and found some very blue water and plenty of flyers. Then the long rigger goes off smoking, and there is a bill fish on! We clear the other lines to work the fish. The fish did plenty of jumps, however we could not tell if it was a sail or white marlin. As the fish was worked closer to the boat we were able to see it was a nice white marlin. Eric did a great job keeping the fish tight and after several good jumps near the boat I was able to get the fish by the bill and get it in for a quick photo and back to the water for a clean release! The fish fell for a blue & white mylar flash Bluewater Candy skirt on a dink ballyhoo. After some high fives we get the spread back out. We continue to work that area picking up a gaffer mahi, king mackerel, albi and cuda. The ride in was as slick as the morning, wow! The day total was 5 mahi, 1 king, 1 cuda,1 albi and 1 white marlin release. This was truly a beautiful day on the water, with lifetime memories made for all aboard. Eric got a NC Saltwater Citation for his white marlin release, photos and video of his exceptional catch.

June 26, 2011
I was joined today on a 1/2 day trip with Alex & Sheng Morris and Chris Nowlin and Erica Dalton. Alex and Chris are both in the USMC stationed at Camp Lejeune. We were greeted at Bogue Inlet with no wind and calm seas. Started at Keypost Rock and Sheng caught a 5 ft Hammerhead shark. Trolled there for a while with no bites and only saw one boat catch a couple of Spanish. Picked up and moved to SE bottom with no luck. Then we moved to Jerrys Reef where we marked lots of bait and hooked up to a Amberjack quickly. While fighting the AJ we got a king mackerel bite and after a shot fight a king in the box. Then we had another king bite and Erica did a good job with getting the fired up king to the boat. The day started slow but ended up with some good action at the end. From the reports on the radio most people were having a very slow day of fishing so we felt pretty happy with our days results. I ask if they wanted to extend the day and they declined. The girls had both been battling with sea sickness all day and have toughed it out long enough. They were " real troopers" for hanging in there. Had a nice ride back in and another great day on the water with two nice couples.

.July 7, 2013
With the forecast looking great and gulf stream trip planned today we were very excited for our guest here from Pa to come and join us aboard the Teezher. We had Brett and Davin Killinger from Clinton & Josh and Dakota Mosser from Lycoming. It was Dakota's 13th birthday and he said all he wanted to do was catch a Mahi. Well mission accomplished, he caught two and the biggest of the day at 18lbs. We had a tough start for the day loosing the first four fish but ended the day with five Mahi and one cudda and got bit off by a wahoo that hit a mono rig. I was a beautiful day on the water and we were glad Dakota got his birthday wish!

July 15th thru 18th, 2012
Here is a report from some 1/2 day trips we have been running in the last week. Still catching the big Spanish macks slow trolling live baits. Fishing all the close rocks out of Bogue Inlet and even fished off Shack near the dead tree hole one day. While fishing the dead tree hole we caught a Citation Spanish 6.5lb and another that weighed 5.2lbs. Lauren Rinker of Jacksonville, NC was the lucky angler on the Citation. I also had a Man o' war/frigate bird follow us around for awhile off Shack. I have never seen one of these birds before here in NC, cool to see. There were several sails caught and released at Keypost rock, Station rock, and SE Bottom also. We have yet to see a bill in our baits but its just a matter of time before we get a shot at a sail dog! There have been some kings, albacore and a few mahi caught as well. We have caught lots of small sharks and a little hammerheads too. There are plenty AJ's around to do battle with if your interested in some tackle testing reef donky's action. Most of the bites are coming while pulling small & medium menhaden, live and dead cigar minnows and spanish sardines. Here are a few photos from these recent trips!

Sunday 19th

Teezher Charters

Capt Bobby Bourquin


Oct. 17th, 2010
I was joined today with father and son team, Jay & Lucas Bigelow from Durham, NC. This would be the first time for Lucas to fish in the ocean. With a beautiful day and calm seas at hand we started at the Bogue Inlet sea buoy. The water was cloudy with alot of bait, so gave it a try with no results. Picked up an move to Keypost rock. SSt was 71.4 and water was a little bit cleaner and tons of bait, but no strikes. Knowing of reports earlier in the week of kings being caught on the Bogue pier made me want to stay close, but with no action I picked up and headed to SE bottom to find some better water. The water was 72.4 sst and much cleaner and hooked up quickly with a king on the down rigger. After a short battle we boated Lucas his first king! We had a couple of sharks and lost another king. Lucas had a little battle with sea sickness, but was a real trooper and managed to stick it out for the whole trip. I had a great day on the water with two nice fellows, I hope to take you guys again in the future!

May 25, 2014
Today was a gulf stream trip and I was joined by Steve Beacham, Josh Beacham and Matt Cox all from Jacksonville, NC. We fished the area of the Rise to the SE Big Rock and caught 7 Mahi. It was a beautiful day on the ocean and party went home with plenty of fresh fish for the grill.

Oct. 23 & 24, 2010
Put together an overnight trip with my two best fishing partners, my father Stu and my daughter Morgan. We left Island Harbor Marina in EI at 9:00pm. Cleared Bogue Inlet and were met with flat calm slick seas, no wind and a full moon. Punched in some numbers about 14 miles offshore. We got anchored up and started bottom fishing. We caught black sea bass, grunts, and grouper. Most of the grouper were just short of 24 inches but we did manage 1 nice keeper. My dad and I fished all night with no sleep. Morgan took a few naps in the cabin. It was an absolutely beautiful starlit night on the ocean. We watched a wonderful sunrise. The bottom fish bite shut down at first light. We picked up and headed to the Charlie buoy and jigged up some fresh bait and slow trolled for some kings in the SE bottom area. Went 3 for 5 on the kings and picked up to go home clean the boat and fish. Had some mackerel nuggets for dinner and hit the rack early.

September 30, 2012
Today I was joined by a group of Marines from Camp Lejeune NC, all MP's. There was Mitch Mertz, Justin Biddle, Jordan Parker and Craig Watson. These boys were wanting to catch a Wahoo and that they did. We headed to the Scallop beds south and when we got there and got the spread out it did not take long to get a bite. We had a double header and sacked two big boys quick. Then we went thru a period were we pulled the hooks on the 3 fish right at the boat. I think were were 5 for 12 for the day and 1 mahi. The bite was red hot, the hoos were fired up and feeding good. We had two NC Salt water Citations 1 was 55 lbs caught by Craig Watson and a 40 lbs. caught by Jordan Parked. They went home with some sore arms, some great memories and plenty of fresh Wahoo. Another great day on Mother Ocean.

March 3, 2012
Today I was joined by Matt Westbrook & Beau White from Garner NC. Both were here in EI for Spring break from NCSU. The mission was to catch trout and drum. Well we started at a local creek in search for some speckled trout and did not even get a bump after trying many different holes know for producing trout. We went for plan B and it worked! We found some puppy drum that were very hungry and had lots of non stop action to finish the day. We only caught one slot size fish, most were just under slot and released the rest. The Pelicans were feeding hard at our location and one even stole one of our hooked up fish and ate it while we were bringing the fish to the boat!

November and December 2015
We did not run any charters in these months. The fishing was good with some great catches of wahoo, sailfish, white marlin, tuna, mahi and grouper in the gulf stream. There were a few giant bluefin tuna caught as well. We did go tuna fishing a few times but no bites for us.

September and October 2015
In September and October we ran a few 6 hour trips and a few Gulf stream trips. On the 6 hour trips caught some big spanish mackerel and king mackerel. We also caught a couple cobia along with amberjack, false albacore, black sea bass and sharks. The gulfs stream trips we caught some nice mahi and wahoo. Donald Haley of Cary NC caught a NC Citation Wahoo that weighed 50 lbs.

August 3, 2011
I had two 1/2 day trips on Wednesday. The morning trip we caught 11 Spanish and a few sharks, as well as a few we missed or pulled the hooks on, but for the most part very good action all morning. The biggest one weighed 5.5 lbs. We fished Keypost rock and the tide line at Bogue Inlet. I saw a very large king sky just inshore of the sea buoy, but no king bites for us. The afternoon trip we started at the Bogue Inlet, hoped to find that king I saw. We ended up finding lots of bait and again large spanish mackerel. Very good action and ended up with 7 the largest tipping the scales at 6 lbs. 10 ounces for a NC Saltwater Citation 27 inches long & 12 inch girth! Also a few sharks and one we thought was a king but ended up being about a 5 foot shark. All fish were caught on live menhaden. It was a very fun day with two very good groups of people.

Sept 8, 2013
Hello, Capt Bobby here from Teezher Charters with a report from the Blue Eyes in Morehead City. I had a stream trip on the books but the party had to reschedule for another day. With the weather forecast looking great there was no way in hell my ass was going to be on land. So I call my mate Josh and ask him if his dad Leonard wanted to go, done lets go! Then I get a call from Capt Billy Farrington, Blue Eyes. Lets go to the stream tomorrow! Done deal I get my group and we join the Blue Eyes for a day on the Gulf Stream. So we have Capt Billy, Worth, Josh, Leonard, Andy, Savana, Caroline, and three of Worths friends, a boat load, Great! Also we have Mrs Annette Woods mothers ashes with us, she contracted me to spread them in the Stream the next time out. We clear the inlet and was greeted by slick calm seas and point South towards the Swansboro Hole. We pull back about 7 mile inshore in 20 fathoms and put out two of the high speed Ballyhood Top Gun 16oz Cowbells. Within 5 minutes we come tight on the blue/white one and the black/purple gets nailed but no hook up. First wahoo of the day on ice. The Cowbells are the heat! Then we switch over to the meat. Shortly after getting out the spread we see a Blue Marlin Jumping next to the boat! Thinking the fished was hooked up to the Bill Collector , that was right next to us, we work away to stay clear. Called the Bill Collector on the vhf but they said they were not hooked up. Picked at the wahoo and had a double sail hook up missed one and had the other one tight for about five minutes. The fish put on a nice show with lots of jumps but somehow broke the wire leader, oh well. Time to put out the Mrs Woods ashes to bring us some luck! Then it was on! Wahoo, after wahoo keeps going in the box! Then all the sudden Mr Sail returns, fish on! After a great fight and lots of jumps we bring him in the boat for a couple of pics and release him in great condition to catch another day! We ended the day going 7 for 10 on the Wahoos and 1 for 3 on the Sails. Its was a great day on the water and a wonderful time was had by all. I will get the video footage together and post up soon.

September 4 thru 22, 2011
Well I was finally able to go fishing after we had hurricane Irene visit our area. Over the last few weeks of poor weather and sea conditions with lots of lost trips I was able to manage several half day trips when the weather would allow us to get out. The water has been very stirred up and the trolling has resulted in nothing but lots of sharks. I have had to go to bottom fishing to get some action. We have done well with the black sea bass, grunts, triggers and grouper. I will be glad when we get some favorable weather, its is time for fall fishing season to get into high gear, it can't get here fast enough.

Nov. & Dec 2010
The trout season has been good this year with allot of fish being caught, just all on the small size, a couple of days we caught 40 to 50 fish. We have managed a few days with some keepers for the frying pan. There were also a few very nice fish caught up in the creeks upwards of 10 lbs. but they were few and far between this year. We only gave the Bluefin tuna a couple a trys this year. There were a few fish caught around our waters this season but a very slow year to say the least. Headed with my family to Stuart, Fl. just before Christmas to fish aboard the Blue Eyes and the Farrington family. Had a blast while we were there and it was a little bit on the cool side. We did manage a couple of days of fishing and caught a few Mahi and had a few shots a sails. Had one big sail hooked up that we got several good jumps out of before the hook broke! It was a great trip with great friends and the family. Nice to experience new places. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all, Capt. Bobby.

July 17, 2013
Today the weather and fishing was as good as it gets in Emerald Isle. We had a double half day on the books planned and were joined in the morning by Tracy Holton, Gary Blakley, Hunter Blakley, and Gerry Hartsell (Granny) from Winston Salem, NC. The sunrise was magnificent and the ocean was mirror glass. After loading up on live baits, we headed towards Southeast Bottoms to start the day. Shortly after getting the spread out, a school of cobia appeared and crashed 3 of the baits. The first to make it to the surface was followed by another, but with three on we didn't want to push our luck just yet because the others were running all over. After sacking all three fish, and returning to the mark, a double header king mackerel bite disrupted everyone's rest and relaxation. While fighting the two kings, Josh happened to notice another school of cobia way down deep under the boat. He dropped a jig and hooked up on another solid cobia. We boated all three fish, the kings being upper teens to low twenties. We also caught an amberjack and a few sharks. As we wrapped up the first trip, and thought it couldn't get any better, a 25 lb king snatched one of two baits remaining out. Once we landed that fish and returned to the dock, our second group was anxiously waiting for their turn. We loaded up with more bait and headed straight to the spot with Chris Evans from Raleigh, NC, his son Andrew, and friend Joe. The bite had slowed down to some degree but we did land a bull dolphin and a few sharks. We tried a few spots, then decided to move closer inshore where we landed a couple 5 lb spanish mackerel and missed a few more. All in all it was a great day of fishing even though the afternoon bite slowed slightly.

July 1,2010
Today I had a two half day trips planned. I was joined in the am by Nick, Trent & Charles Jones all NC residents. The afternoon trip was a family here on vacation from Penargyl, Pa near the Pocono mountains. Dean, Robin, Austin & Hunter Lobb. The am trip was red hot fishing near the C buoy and some hard bottom west of there. We jigged fresh cigar, spanish sardines and boston mackerel for bait. The bite was steady with small mahi and ended the day with 14 total. The pm trip we fished the same area with the same bait and caught a bigger mahi but not as many, we ended the day with 5 mahi, 3 were gaffers, 2 sharks and 1 cuda. It was a great day on the water with some very nice people.

July 25, 2012
I had a makeup stream trip on Wed 25th. I was joined by Matt & Samantha Williams from W Va. and Dan Abraham from EI, NC and his brother Matt visiting from Mi. We cleared Beaufort Inlet at 6:00 am and was a bit sporty by the time we cleared the end of the shoals. Put out the spread around the 90 with hopes of a Wahoo, Tuna, Dolphin and a Sailfish. The seas did lay out all day long and was nice by the time we went home. Well we ended the day with all but the sailfish. The little tuna was a skip jack. The party gave me some to try for sushi. First time I have ever eaten one, not bad at all. I did bleed the fish as soon as it came in the boat. The party went home with plenty of fresh fish for the grill and another great day spent with some very nice people.

June and July 2014
During the months of June and July we ran some gulf stream trips that produced lots of nice gaffer Mahi in the 25 to 30 lb range as well as several sailfish. The bottom fishing was good as well with some great catches of triggerfish, black sea bass, beliners, silver snapper and red snapper. We also ran some nearshore full day and half day trips. We caught king & Spanish mackerel, mahi, amberjack, barracuda, sharks, false albacore and black sea bass.

June 13, 2010
Today I was joined by David McCormack of Winterville, NC, Chris Russell of Kansas City, MO and Terry Grisham of Rolla, MO. This was a full day live bait trip. With a SW wind a 10 to 15 and seas 2 to 4 and expecting to blow up in the afternoon I pushed out to 210 rock out of Beaufort Inlet. We worked that area for a while with no strikes. Pick up and move 240 rock to find similar results. Work to near AR 305 to find 2 dive boats on the wreck and move to some numbers inshore of 210 rock. As soon as we get the baits out we hooked up to a mahi, finally a fish in the boat. We work that area and end up with several hook ups and lost fish. Then another mahi in the box. The wind was picking up and getting rougher so we pick up and head for the hill making several stops on the way in to get no more strikes. A very slow fishing day on the water, but a nice day was had by all with some good people.

May 18 &19 2013
I was booked for the NC Offshore Challenge JWR Gaffer Dolphin Tournament this weekend by the same group from last year. After a second place finish last year my crew from Kernersville NC was ready go for the win this time. I was joined by Jessica Sheffield, Adam Able and Jeff Walker as my anglers. We cleared Bogue Inlet at 5:15 am to flat calm seas and a beautiful ride the the stream. I started just inshore of the scallop beds in 25 fathoms. We got the spread out and it did not take long before the action started. We picked at the mahi with a few gaffers and slingers. Then I worked offshore and to the 300 line in 34 fathoms with hopes of finding some larger fish. As I was watching the spread all the sudden I saw a larger lit up Mahi come crash on the left short rigger, the clip popped and bam this massive bull leaps up and over the the left long rigger line and all on board saw this was a very nice fish. Then the left long goes, fish on! Double header! We go to work on our double hook up and after a short while we figure out that this big bull has eaten both baits!! After many leaps and and a couple good runs the fish sounds and goes deep. With two anglers, Jeff & Adam, working together we get this big bull Mahi to gaff! WOW!! What a gaffer!! With lots of high fives and much celebration and lots of photos we get out the fish bag and ice down the beast with hopes of a winning fish. We catch a couple more mahi and a wahoo and then pack up to head in to see how much our catch weighed. The fish tipped the scales at 47.5lbs and was good for 1st place on the leader board after day one. Jeff and Adam flipped a coin and Jeff was the winner and we took the fish for a NC Saltwater Citation. We weighed the fish at Portside Marina in Morehead City. The fish was 51 inches long and had a 28 inch girth. We ended the day with 10 Mahi and 1 Wahoo. My group did not sign up for both days of the tourney so it was a wait and see how it holds up. With another stream trip for tomorrow on the books, Josh and I get all things prepared for our next trip and get some sleep.

The next group was from Sanford, NC. I had two couples on board Adam & Jennifer Hagenston and Tim & Marsha Ray. We clear the Bogue Inlet about 5:30 am to a slick cam ocean and another beautiful morning. I point South and make about 30 knots for the first 35 miles and then up ahead in the distance I see two squalls, one to my right and one to my left. I we dodge between both storms the sea state goes downhill fast, the wind picked up and the seas were getting closer and closer together. We batten down the hatches, slow her down and make our way the break. With the seas at good 4 to 6 and sloppy. I put us in a following/quarter sea and made our way North up the break and with the stream. We picked at the gaffers and a couple slingers and manage 1 small wahoo and a king mackerel. My crew did a great job tufing it out and dealing with the conditions. We ended the day with 6 Mahi, 1 Wahoo & 1 King. The party was very please with the day and went home with plenty of fresh meat for the grill.

Ok, its time to find out how our Mahi has held up on day two of the Tournament. I call Jessica and ask how did we finish? Her response was " your not going to believe it but some one just weighed in a 49.5 pounder, can you F#&*# believe that?" I said " No, you are just kidding, right? " Jessica " no I am not kidding!!" I say " Oh well, that's fishing. I would have never bet that fish would have been topped, but congrats to the team that did, that's one hell of a finish. What and exciting tourney! Not sure, but I think the winner was Pete Zook on the Fight N Lady. Congrats to the winner well done!

November 20, 2011
I had a make up stream trip on Sunday. I was joined by Wes, Doug, Jason and Brooke. We headed to the Swansboro Hole. Seas were a bit bumpy on the way out but sea conditions improved the further we got offshore. We came across a nice weed line 4 miles inshore of the Swansboro Hole and sst was 72.5 put out the spread and picked up a Blackfin Tuna on the way way back line. Then we had a double header Mahi, small slinger's. Worked offshore to my numbers and went 1 for 3 on the wahoo. The sst was 75.9 where we had the wahoo bites. The ride home was very nice, it was a beautiful day on the ocean with a really great group of people.

April 27, 2014
Well the first report of the year! After the last three months of cleaning fixing washing waxing replacing rigging and rerigging. Motors serviced new timing belts. Repairs made to the curtains and enclosures. Complete new electronics package and Radar. All reels serviced & new line. Brand new Anglers Envy Sniper planner rod & reel set up ready to go. It's time to go kill something! After closely monitoring the sea conditions I decided it was good for us to go. Cleared Bogue Inlet at about 5:15 and pointed to the south southeast with the intentions of starting somewhere inshore of the Rise. The wind and seas got worse as we pushed farther but managed to plow through it making decent time about 20 knots and put our spread just Inshore the Rise. Marking bait seeing flyers and the SST was 75 to 76. A lot of scattered grass and small weed lines made for a long day of shagging. Worked back-and-forth off shore the break all the way up towards about 500 line from about 30 to 50 fathoms. Managed one real nice Gaffer dolphin and a 39 pound wahoo. Not the day we'd hoped for but we gave it our best and the party was happy with the day! Glad to finally be back out of the water. Thanks to the guys that made this makeup trip possible Jake and John Orosz, Jake Raynor and Juan Espinoza. Did not get many pictures this trip but did manage one picture of the first wahoo the year! Check out the sweet gaff shot, right behind the eye, made by mate Josh Johnson. No wasted meat, he bled like a stuck hog! Slung blood everywhere all the way into the cabin, thank goodness for all the waxing it made clean up a breeze! LOL!!

July 26 to Aug. 5, 2010
I have been running double half day trips lately with catches of large spanish mackerel, 4 to 6 lb range, on live bait with smaller rigs using small menhaden 4 to 5 inches. We have also been catching small dog sharks and had a 6 foot tiger shark come in and check us out for a while recently. The sea surface temps are around 80 degrees. There is plenty of bait on near shore rocks and large schools of menhaden just behind the surf zone on the beach. There have been some kings and mahi also caught within 10 miles offshore. Bottom fishing is still producing black sea bass, triggers and grouper.

September 2, 2012
Today was a Gulfstream trip and I was joined by Brad Hawks, Chris Roberts, Marty Royal and Brian Kirkman from Greensboro, NC. We headed toward the Rise. We got about 2 mile inshore of the Rise and started seeing flying fish, marking bait and a 1 degree temp brake. Put out the spread and found a small patch of grass that we worked and the first bite was a sailfish that we could not keep a hook in and then we boated 4 mahi off of the grass bed. Then worked offshore towards the Rise. We went thru a slow period with no bites. Worked towards the SW corner of the Big Rock, just inshore and have a double header Mahi bite and boat both fish. Then all the sudden the right long starts screaming, Wahoo on! After about 1 minute we pulled the hook, darn. I circle back thru and the right long again starts screaming, then goes slack, darn another pulled hook. Then the deep bait goes off, same thing pulled hook. Now I am getting mad, but determined to get a Wahoo in the boat, I circle back and bam, double header Wahoo bite! This time we sack to nice Wahoo's. Then we get another bite on the long bait, another pulled hook. We went 2 for 7 on the Wahoo's. We ended the day with 6 Mahi and 2 Wahoo. It was a beautiful day on the water with some great guys. The went home with some great memories and plenty of fresh for the grill.

June 1, 2011
I had two half day trips today. We saw the sun rise and the sun set. The am trip we caught a small mahi, 1 big cudda that was released, several sharks, some Black Sea Bass and a 33 lb Cobia. The pm trip we lost a nice king that bit through the leader. We had a triple header AJ, reef donkey battle, kept two and released the other. Caught several sharks and had 18 nice keeper Black Sea Bass and several grunts. The ocean was beautiful and calm. I was joined by two husband & wife teams both from Va. The am trip was Jay & Stephanie Jackson, from S. Boston. The pm trip was Ricky & Rhonda Weeks, from Roanoke. Great day on the water with two very nice couples.

October 21, 2012
We had a live bait trip planned today with one angler, Jason Corbel, from Atlanta, Ga.
Loaded up the live well some fresh shad and cleared Bogue Inlet to a calm ocean. The day started kind of slow with a few sharks and move around to some different rocks and ended up at Jerry's Reef. Then we have a bite on the down rigger and fought a large Tiger shark all the way to the boat and released him. Then the kings started to bite and ended up sacking 4 nice kings on which was a sky rocket that was every bit of 25 feet in the air! What a sight to see! A fun day was had by our happy angler.

November 20, 2011
I had a make up stream trip on Sunday. I was joined by Wes, Doug, Jason and Brooke. We headed to the Swansboro Hole. Seas were a bit bumpy on the way out but sea conditions improved the further we got offshore. We came across a nice weed line 4 miles inshore of the Swansboro Hole and sst was 72.5 put out the spread and picked up a Blackfin Tuna on the way way back line. Then we had a double header Mahi, small slinger's. Worked offshore to my numbers and went 1 for 3 on the wahoo. The sst was 75.9 where we had the wahoo bites. The ride home was very nice, it was a beautiful day on the ocean with a really great group of people.

August 18, 2013
Today we had a stream trip planned and we were joined by Pat Hurd from Jacksonville NC and his brother in law Matt Heinlein visiting here from Ohio. We fished out of Beaufort Inlet and pointed towards the 90 foot drop as our planned starting point. The seas were not the best and real confused but still able to make about 20kts. Seas laid out as the day went on. Started seing allot of flyers inshore of the 90, blended green/blue water. Stopped and put em out. Shortly after putting out the full spread we get a strike on the way way back. After a short battle Matt puts his first ever Wahoo in the boat 24lbs, Nice job! Work that area for a while with no more bites and push offshore towards the rock. Just inshore of the NE corner we come up on a nice rip and weed line. Work that area and pick up a few small slinger Mahi. Then as the day was about to be done we had a smoker on the deep bait. With Matt on the rod we settle in to do battle. After a couple of good runs we sink the steel in another Wahoo which was weighed a Portside Marina for a NC Saltwater Citation 42lbs. Was not a banner day but it was a beautiful day on the ocean and the party went home more than pleased with day of fishing and lots of fresh fish for the grill!

May 22, 2011
Had a gulf stream charter with Wayne Bosman & his sons Peter, Brian and Nick this weekend from Mebane, NC. I told them about the Hillsborough SFC Dolphin Tournament and they said "lets do it, we are in". The ocean was slick cam and we found a grass line just inshore of the Rise with 77 degree sst. Put a small slinger in the boat right off the bat and then a double header. We worked back and then I saw a large Mahi come from under the grass bed and slammed the teaser and then turned on the left flat and inhaled the bait and started jumping. I said "guys, this is a money fish". We cleared the decks and started working on this fish. The mahi made multiple long runs and many jumps. After a 40 minute fight the fish came to gaff. He was caught by Brian Bosman on a Shimano TLD 25 on a Blue Water Candy blue/white mylar skirt and ballyhoo rig. The fish was weighed in at Jacks Waterfront and tipped the scales at 27.6 lbs. to give us the 1st Place fish and the winner of 2011 Hillsborough SFC Dolphin Tournament. Great time with a great group of fellows!

July 4, 2013
Today we had a half day live bait trip planned and we were joined by Zack and Jimmie Wimmer from Roanoke, Va. We went up the waterway and loaded up the live well with some fresh menhaden and pointed towards SE bottom. We had steady action the entire time we fished. We caught sharks, amberjacks, mahi, cobia and a king mackerel. The cobia weighed 24lbs, the king was 21lbs and the biggest mahi was 20lbs. I was a great half day trip and the party was very happy with their day on the Teezher!

June 24 & 27, 2012
We have been running 1/2 & 3/4 day trips recently and have been catching a few kings, mahi, AJ's, sharks, ect... Bottom fishing we have been catching black sea bass, trigger fish, grunts, silver snappers and grouper. We have been pulling live menhaden for the kings and mahi. We have been fishing all the normal rocks out of Bogue Inlet within 18 miles or so of the beach, the hottest spot for us has been Jerry's Reef. The big Spanish have showed up close the the beach, we have not fished for them yet, but on days when the water is clear there have been some nice 3 to 5 pound fish caught while using small live shad.

May 17 & 18, 2014
The field of charter and private boats that fished the first day ot the NC Offshore Challenge Tournament, that donates 30% of the proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project, were challenged with very sporty sea conditions but managed to produce nice numbers of nice gaffer mahi. The day one leader was my crew on the Teezher with a 25.5 pounder but the slick cam conditions of the second day proved to be the day to bring home the winner.

Day one on the Teezher:
My crew of anglers who fished with us the first day were Patrick Cline of Kinston, Ben Madison of Banner Elk, Jack Sigmon Statesville and Andy Madison Durham NC. I pointed south in the morning with the wind at our back and made goood time of 18 kts considering the less than favorable conditions we were facing. Knowing that we will more than likely be running straight into the nasty seas going home did not stop us from keeping to our plan of starting near the Rise. We put the spread out when I found the 74 sst I was looking for. The depth of water was 30 fathoms and was blended but we saw lots of flyers and there was some scattered grass. We proceeded to catch some nice fish and had steady action with lots of exciting moments and one time we had four all come tight at once and sacked em all, total mahi madness. I stayed in a quarter mile radious of the same spot most of the day but at one time at the end of the day I saw a frigate aka man of war bird chasing bait on the surface and told my guys "That bird is on top of a big fish feeding on bait" I pointed to the diving bird and the closer we got we could see that the mahi were feeding on the flying fish which would send the flyers scattering for their lives in the air to evade the hungry fish but being picked off in flight by the frigate. This was very cool to watch and at one time we were so thick in flyers that they were hitting the side of the boat and zooming across the cockpit! That of course is when all four reels went off! That quad hookup had the biggest bull of the day and was good enough for the big fish for the first day in the tournament. We finished with 18 total mahi for the day. With time running out we batten down the hatches for the dreaded ride home. Thanks for the donkey ride from the Carolina Girl for knocking the seas down for us a little bit for awhile on the long ride home. My crew went home very pleased with the action and amount of meat to stock the frig with. Josh and I got all cleaned up, re rigged and ready for day two by 11:00 pm then back at it at 3:45 am in the morning. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Day two on the Teezher:
On the second day of competition are anglers consisted of lady angler Heath Waugh and Michael Kell both from Raleigh NC and Nathan Waugh from Portage IN. The seas had laid out to slick cam conditions and the ride back to the fishing grounds was very comfortable compared to the previous day. We put our spread back out in the same general area of the 75 sst like from the day before but the fish were not there and very few flyers. I pushed south and to deeper water offshore and find a nice grass line in 50 fathoms and the sst was 77 to 78. We did not catch as many fish as yesterday but the size of fish were a little bit bigger. While fighting a nice bull we have a bite on the planer rod and it proves to be our
big fish for the day and also the first fish caught on the new AE Sniper planer rod. After the first two trips drawing a blank we were happy to break in the new rod with a money fish! The meat stick made short work of the nice gaffer and the bull quickly made it into the box! Our total for the day was 6 mahi but we felt that we had a bigger fish from yesterday to weight in.
The ride home was quick while the flat seas made for a nice way to end the day on the ocean. When we get to the scales we see that our 25.5 lb fish is now in 3rd place and the new leader is a 43 lb Mahi in 1st place and a 27.5 lb in 2nd. Our mahi topped the scales at 29.2 lbs and was good enough to secure 2nd place. This was the first time my crew had ever fished in a tournament before and was extremely pleased with the eventful day as well as the memories that were made aboard the Teezher.

Final Standings

1st place Mahi- Pelagic - 43.0 lb- angler Steve Bartholomew
2nd place Mahi- Teezher - 29.2 lb- angler Heather Waugh
3rd place Mahi- Longer Days - 28 lb- angler Daniel Brummet

Lady Angler- Teezher - 29.2 lb- angler Heather Waugh

1st place Tuna- Offshore III -13.6 lb - angler David Forrest
1st place Wahoo- Wisher - 15 lb- angler Joe Odum

Aug. 10th to Aug. 15th
During this period I have been running half day trips and double half day trips. I have fished around the Bogue Inlet and near shore rocks like Keypost and catching large Spanish Mackerel in the 4 to 6 lb range on live bait using menhaden as well as some King Mackerel and dog sharks. There are flounder on the near shore rocks and Artificial reefs and will fall for 2 oz buck tail jigs tipped with 4 inch Gulp shrimp. I have also fished the SE bottom and Charlie Buoy area with some Mahi and Kings on live menhaden. I ran up to the waterway and fished the Beaufort Inlet shipping channel and the near shore bottoms off Shackleford Banks near the Dead Tree Hole and caught large Spanish using live bait. There have been some large kings caught in that area recently and on the east side of Cape Lookout in the 40 to 50 lb range. Offshore in the gulf stream there has been mahi and wahoo being caught. The bill fish bite has been good with blues, whites and sails. There also have been some blackfin tuna showing up. Bottom fishing has been producing catches of black sea bass, triggers, red and gag groupers.

October 13, 2011

Fall fishing is finally here and the king mackerel bite has turned on! I had a 1/2 day trip today and I was joined by Desmond Cruver from Danville, Ky, Tim Kazimer from Harrisburg, Ky. Zach Sabo from Pittsburg, Pa and Mike Replogle from Baltimore, Md. We caught some fresh menhaden in the cast net and headed for Jerry's Reef. I got there and the water temp was 72 and much cleaner that it has been. With in a couple minutes of getting the baits out we had a large boil on the short bait, then a king mackerel sky rockets on the medium bait about 10 feet in the air, FISH ON!!! From that point, it was non stop action with a couple more sky rockets, not as high as the first. We had several double hook ups and even one triple header. We never lost a fish. We ended the day with 13 kings and they were all very nice fish. They ranged from the teens to the low twenties. I would estimate that we had 250 lbs of fish, that's an average weight of 19 lbs. This was one of the best days of king mackerel fishing that I have seen in a long time. They went home with two 48 quart coolers full of cleaned fish fillets!! Awesome day for all aboard with a great group of guys!!

June 21, 2010
Ran my first double half day trips of the year and fished the Keypost, Lost, 45 minute, and Station rocks with not much success. Only managed a few strikes with kings, spanish, and sharks. Very slow for us and two of the worst trips I have ever had, as far as producing fish, well I guess that's why it's call it fishing and not catching. I felt very bad for my customers that I could not produce a good catch for them, maybe next time. This was not the day I had hoped for, but the people were very understanding and some mighty fine people to spend the day with on the water.

September 9th thru 23, 2012
I have been running 1/2 and full day trips the last couple of weeks, we have had some slow days and have been catching allot of small sharks and a couple of big tiger sharks, fall fishing should turn on any time now.
I had a full day live bait trip on Sunday the 23rd and I was joined by Fred and Ed Hauser from Lynchburg VA. We started at Keypost Rock and the first bait in the water was a small shark and as we were getting the shark close to the boat we saw a Cobia following close behind. I quickly slung a live shad to him and he chased it for a while and then vanished. I got two baits out and while putting the short bait out he appeared again, this time he quickly swallowed the shad and it was game on! Fred was the angler and after about a 1 hour battle we got the fish to gaff. The fished weighed in at 38.7 lbs. We fished there for a while longer with nothing but small sharks. Moved out to SE bottom and caught 1 small king and many more of those little sharks. There was a 28.7 lb King caught on the Bogue Pier, 1st one of the year, the angler was Mike Smith of Durham, NC. I also know of a 26 lb king and a 8.4 Spanish caught by Eddie Briel near the Bogue Inlet. Fall fishing is starting to get into full swing so get out there and get in on the action.

August 12, 2011
I ran two half day trips today. The am trip I was joined by Dean, Wende & Brett Rhodes and Alex Holt all from Manchester, Mo. We caught 9 sharks of which two were hammerheads. We caught 2 large spanish mackerel and lost a couple more right at the boat. The pm trip I was joined by Ana Serova & Dasha Rybak from Belarus Russia. Terry, Jean & Barrett Joyner from Knightdale, NC and Sarah Atkinson from Phila, PA. We caught 6 sharks and 4 large spanish mackerel the biggest which weighed 5 lbs.

May 7, 2014
Today we had a stream trip planned and the party wanted to catch some mahi. Cleared Bogue Inlet at about 5:15 am and pointed south towards the scallop beds. The first 25 miles was fairly decent with the sea conditions but the next 25 was not real fun. They were stacked up real close together with probably about 4 seconds swell period & 3 to 5 ft. Started seeing fliers about 5 miles inshore of the spot. The sst shot up to 74 and decided to put out the high-speed stuff and start fishing. Within about two minutes we had a good screamer on, Wahoo! Unfortunately we pulled the hook about 10 feet from the boat. Get the stuff back out and circled back to our mark and hook up again, Mahi, this one makes it in the box. Circle back again and another Mahi makes it on ice. Decided to go ahead and put out the meat. We stayed in that same general area for the rest of the day fishing anywhere from about 22 fathoms to 30 fathoms. Found a real nice weed line in 30 fathoms. We ended the day with 10 Mahi, the largest was probably 20 lbs. The ride home was really nice the seas laid out as the day went on. Party went home with 20 bags of fillets and very happy customers. Mission accomplished.

June 20, 2012
I had a 9 hour live bait trip today and I was joined by Sammy & Amber Pugh and Denny & April Bennett from West Va. Sammy is a river guide in West Va and this was the first time fishing in the the ocean for all aboard. Loaded up with some fresh shad and cleared Bogue Inlet and pointed south to a place about 15 miles out. Got out the spread and the down rigger bait gets hit and after a good fight Amber boats a 20 lb King. Then we picked up and headed to Rock S of 13. Lots of bait but only sharks on the live bait. Anchored up and went to the bottom. Caught some black sea bass and grunts. Then we pick up and head to Jerry's Reef. As soon as we get out the live baits we have a double header Mahi hook up! We boat both fish and get back on the number and hook up again to another Mahi which goes on ice! Then we had a couple sharks and AJ bites and right before leaving we get a bite on the down rigger and hook up to a Mahi which also made it to the box. We ended the day with a 20 lb King, 4 Mahi, several sharks & AJ's and a few keeper bass & grunts. Its was a very fun day on the water with some great folks and the party went home very please with the day of fishing and plenty of fresh fish for the grill!

July 24 thru Aug 11 2013
During this time we have been running half and full day live bait and bottom fishing trips. We have caught spanish and king mackerel. We have caught a few cobia and plenty of amberjacks. Bottom fishing has produced some black sea bass and a few undersized grouper. The sharks have been plentiful with mostly small dog sharks and a few tiger and hammerheads as well.

June 9 & 10, 2012
Well this weekend I ran 4 trips, double half day weekend. My first trip on Saturday I had Floyd, Tony, Ron and Chance Langley from Charlotte & Jacksonville, NC. We fished Jerry's Reef anchored up on the spot and went to the bottom, ended up with 4 person limit of black sea bass, 1 keeper grunt, 1 keeper grouper 26 inches and 1 monster ray. The afternoon trip I took my wife Donna, daughter Morgan and her boyfriend Josh Johnson and went back to Jerry's Reef and did the same deal, anchored up and went to the bottom plus put the kite up with some fresh shad. Ended up with 2 missed strikes on the kite, darn! Four person limit of bass, and one short grouper 22 inches. Sunday I was joined by Alice Woodall from Sedona, Az and her grandson's Daniel & Eric Wallace from Chapel Hill NC and we went back to Jerry's Reef same deal. Bite was a bit slower, but ended up with 1 person limit of bass and one 40 inch Cobia. Then hit the beach and pulled some spoons for Spanish. Caught some blues and 5 keeper Spanish mackerel. The afternoon trip I had Ruben & Mike Erb, Joe Freewalt, and Jason Yoder all here from Ohio and I headed to Christmas Rock after of a report of some Mahi being being caught there in the morning. Pulled some fresh live shad with no love on the top and ended going to the bottom. Caught a 4 person limit of bass and 1 nice keep grunt. Great weekend on the water with some very nice people.

July 3, 2011
I had a make up Gulf stream trip today with Dan & Mat Abraham and Wes Morton & Jason Adkins. We were met a Beaufort Inlet with 10 to 15 SW winds and sporty sea conditions. I pointed South to some numbers about 40 miles out. The further we got offshore the seas got better. We found blue water, scattered grass and plenty of fliers. Right off the bat we got a small slinger Mahi in the boat, We continued to pick up some small Mahi and as the day was winding down we had a smoker bite on the left short rigger " sailfish on". Dan was the angler and after a short battle I was able to get the bill and up in the boat for a couple quick photos and back in the water for the release. The ride home was rather bumpy and wet. The guys were pleased with days results and the went home with some fresh Mahi. Another great day on the water with some cool guys. We also took some very cool video with my new Gopro underwater camera. Click here to see the video link.

June 1 & 3, 2012
First off I want to say the Solunar tables were right on the money this past weekend Friday the bite was a 0 and Sunday was a 5. June 1 I had a stream trip with Ray Beiner and his son Ray. Jim Knoll and his son Jim and Jason Knoll all from south New Jersey. We fished near the 90 foot drop, lots of bait & scattered grass and we had a descent day of fishing with a total of 6 dolphin and the party had a good time and went home with plenty of fish. On the 3rd I was joined by Travis Swarts and his son Logan and grandfather Gerald Buckner all from Asheville NC. I had my pops Capt Stu come along run the boat while I worked the pit. With a few reports from down south on Saturday I made up my mind to start at the Rise. We started seing tons of flyers and scattered grass about 2 miles inshore of the spot, pulled em back and put out the spread. I could not get all the baits out and it was on! Mahi madness all day long, doubles, tripples, mostly all gaffers and a few slingers. I shagged grass all day long, but let me tell you that the fish are in the grass and it might be a pain in the ass to fish in but thats where the fish are. It did not even matter if the bait had grass on it they would still pile on em! Most of the fish we cleaned had grass in their bellies. It was a great day of fishing with some good ole boys from the NC mountains and they went home with some tired arms, coolers full of mahi filets, and some great memories. Ended the day with 19 mahi & 1 blackfin tuna. Got some great video footage that I will post soon. Until next time Capt Bob

June 14, 2010
I had the pleasure of fishing with fryingpantower member Ed Griffin of Pittsboro, NC and Stephen Hawthorne and Ray Milosh also of Pittsboro. Gordan Kelly of Wilmington, NC was also aboard. With a gulf stream trip planned we pointed South towards the Naeco out of Beaufort Inlet. We were met by 10 to 15 kt winds and seas 3 to 5 ft, a bit of a choppy ride on the way out, we stopped 5 miles short of the Naeco after seeing fliers and marking 79.5 sst. As soon as I had a couple of baits out we hook up to a mahi, for about the first hour I could not get out the entire spread without a fish on. We batted 1000 for at least the first 20 fish. It was non stop action most of the day with mostly slingers and a few gaffers mixed in and only a few lost fish. We ended the day with 26 Mahi and 2 cudas. The seas laid out as the day went on and it ended up being a wonderful day on the water with some great guys. They went home with allot of mahi for the freezer!

October 26, 2011

I got a late, last minute call, to got to the stream to get some meat for the freezer. I had the pleasure of fishing aboard the Sea Witch with Capt. Gene Ward. Also fishing with us was Capt Ed Petrilli, Capt Billy Farrington, & Glenn a friend of Gene's from Smyrna. We cleared Beaufort Inlet and was greeted by slick cam seas and pointed her south. Got to the break and found a grass line, within minutes of getting the spread out we had a gaffer Mahi pile in on us and on ice. We saw lots of Blackfin busting the surface, very fishy looking. Worked that area and shortly later we got or first Wahoo bite and in the box. Then we had a triple header Wahoo bite and all 3 on ice. Continued to pick at the hoo's and got a small blackfin. Then we had a big sail dog pile in on the short rigger, got several jumps of of him. The fish made a strong run and took us down to the backing and the next thing you know the line went slack, the line had seperated at the wind on connection! Oh well, "s*** happens". We ended the day with 7 hoos, 1 mahi & 1 blackfin. It was a beautiful day on the ocean with two of my best fishing buddies and made a couple more friends. Thanks again to Capt. Gene for the invite, look forward to doing it again soon! I got some good video footage that I will post soon!

August and September 2014
During the months of August and September the near shore 6 and 9 hour trips we caught king and Spanish mackerel, as well as Amberjacks and Barracuda. A few Mahi and a couple Cobia. Plenty of the small sharks and 1 beast of a Tiger shark estimated at 400 plus lbs. and black sea bass while bottom fishing. The gulf stream trips we had catches of Mahi, Wahoo, sailfish and bottom fishing was good with catches of big black sea bass, triggerfish and beliners.

June 17, 2012
I had a 1/2 day trip on fathers day and I was joined by Skeeter & Clayton LaDue and Mark & Cole Watson from Ca and Tx. Loaded up with some fresh shad and headed towards Gerry's Reef. Got there a saw flyers and marking bait and 73.5 sst. Could not get all the baits out and had a double header Mahi, hooked up! The first fish came to gaff in a short time but the second fish was hooked in the side of the head and made multiple runs but finally we were able to get the fish to gaff. Two Mahi in the boat, not a bad start. Got back on the number and got the baits back out and another double hook up, we put a small king and AJ in the boat. Get back on the spot and caught a couple small sharks. Then another double hook up, I believe they were big AJ's but never saw them, ended up braking off both fish after an extended battle, oh well that fishing. Had a great day on the water and the party went home with plenty of fresh fish for the grill and was more than pleased with the day of fishing.

Aug.19 to Sept. 30
This period of time started with some repeat customers, the Cardille's from Greensboro, caught 2 mahi and several sharks. Very slow and right about time to go home we hook up with a double header mahi bite. These are two very nice Mahi, jumping and putting on quite a show for us. I am thinking to myself, we boat these Mahi and save the day. I be damn if both manage to spit the hook, what a bummer. That's fishing! Then I had Chuck Melton and crew, from Fayetteville NC. We fished the Sneads Ferry Rotary King Mackerel Tour. with no success. Fished on the East side of the shoals at the 1700 rock. There were about 150 plus boats in the tournament and only 12 out of 20 places were paid. That tells you what the fishing was like, very slow. Several of the fish that placed came right where we fished, it just was not our day. I have run half day trips mainly and one gulf stream trip as well. The fishing has been slow with the water being very hot, 81 to as high as 88 in the stream, not to mention a tropical storm that dumped 22 inches of rain in 2 days and 2 hurricanes that stayed well offshore of our coast, but sent large ground swells to the beach making the water very stirred up and cloudy.Between all this we were still able to catch some Mahi, wahoo,large spanish mackerel, blue fish, and some bottom fish. I even had to cancel a couple of trips due to bad sea conditions. Thank you all that came during this period. I had the Brad & Todd Cardille, Jordan Sproles from Greensboro, NC. The Persinger's from Richmond, Va. Tyson's from Ashland, Va. Lanski's from Alberta, Canada. Harry Monk and crew from Hickory, NC. Chis Ehlers, USMC, Jen Williams, Mark Lubke and Noell Evans. from New Jersey. Alan Lewis, USN from Louisville ,KY and his father in law, Huyseyin, all the way from Turkey to se his new grandson!

June 2013
This month we were only able to run 3 of 9 trips due to rough sea conditions. The wind has blown hard all month. June was a good month for Cobia and lots of big fish were caught. Offshore in the stream the Blue Marlin bite was good. We ran one stream trip and caught 8 Mahi. We had two live bait trips and caught some spanish, blues, flounder, black sea bass, small grouper, amberjacks, albacore, sharks and 1 small king.

May 13, 2012
Well, finally I get to post a report! I have done enough fixing & cleaning on the boat, time to go fishing. I have had allot of canceled trips so far this season due to weather, but the group I took Sunday was able to rebook from last weekend. Today I had Troy Klabo who just retired from the USMC and the wife bought him this trip as a retirement present. He was joined by Scott Littrell, Mark Lewis(retired USN) and Mike Langton. We cleared the Beaufort Inlet at 5:00 am, right behind Run Off and the Box! Followed them all the the way to the break, thanks for the donkey ride! Found some nice blue water, flyers and 77 sst. Got the spread out and had a double header Mahi bite right off the bat. Two mahi on ice! worked that same area for awhile, no bites. Worked offshore and to the north and picked up a small blackfin. Worked from 40 to 60 fathoms and caught two more mahi & three blackfin. Had a shot a sail dog but could not keep em tight. Not a bad day on the blue water. I have allot of upcoming trips on the books so hopefully I will be posting reports on a regular basis from now on. See ya on the water, Capt Bobby.

November and December 2014
The Bluefin tuna bite was very good in November and December. There were some very nice size fish caught this year one that weighed over 1000 lbs! We fished several times however did not manage to boat a Bluefin tuna this season

July 1st & 4th, 2012
Well we have been running 1/2 day trips and catching some nice Spanish Macks at the rocks close to Bogue Inlet. We are using 4 to 5 inch live shad and scaled down live bait rigs to temp them. We have also done well with the grouper at rocks within 10 to 15 miles of the beach. We have been catching the grouper on live shad and live pinfish as well as squid and cigar minnows. Plenty of black bass to be had as well as some nice grunts and a few trigger fish.

Oct 3, 2013
Today I had a make up trip on the books. I was joined by FPT member Eric Brockman (eric0731), Eric Lowery and Jon Espinoza. We cleared Bogue Inlet and was greeted by light winds and calm seas. Pointed South towards the Swansboro Hole. Pulled em back about 10 miles short and put out the high speed lures. Trolled all the way to the SH and no love so we put out the meat. Trolled for a while and no bites, marking bait, good water but nothing. Then all the sudden the left short rigger pops, fish on! Sailfish! Eric Lowery was the angler. After a good fight we get a hold of the bill and bring in the sail dog in for a quick pic and back in the water for the release. This was Eric's first billfish! We get the spread back out and had another slow period with no bites. We work up to the North offshore towards the Rise and then the left long riggers pops, fish on! Sailfish! Jon Espinoza is the angler. After some great jumps and good battle we grab the bill and bring the sail in for pic and back in the water for another day. This was a wild saildog and he beat himself up pretty good, sail was all tore up but he did swim away good. This was Jon's first billfish! Two billfish cherries popped back to back! WOW! We continue to work that same area for a while and the finally the center rigger on the way back comes tight, Wahoo! Eric Brockman is the angler and after a good fight Josh sinks the steel in a 35lb Wahoo, finally some meat in the box! With time winding down we pick up a small slinger Mahi to finish the day. I was a beautiful day on the ocean and some great new friendship were made. Both sailfish anglers did their billfish splash out in the stream to finish the day! They also got their NC Citations for the record at Portside Marina in Morehead City. I will post the video soon.

May 20, 2012
I had a charter today to fish in Hillsborough SFC Gaffer Tournament. I was joined by Jeff Walker, Adam Able and Jessica Sheffield as my anglers for the day. Made the call to not fish on Saturday, with the wind honking out the NE. I gave my party a call and told them we were on for Sunday, but be ready for a possible tough sea condition day. They said lets go for it. Knowing were looking at the seas being a bit sporty I had my pops, Capt Stu come along to run the boat while I ran the pit. Cleared Beaufort Inlet at 6:00 am with the rest of the Morehead City fleet. I was shocked on how nice the seas turned out to be for the day. A bit bumpy to the end of the shoals. Pointed towards the 90ft drop and the deeper we got the better the seas got, just big rolling ground swell 8 to 10 seconds apart. Found a nice grass line and put em out. The action soon followed and it was steady all day with the Mahi aka the green hornets. Ended with 15 Mahi total and our biggest weighed in at 17 lbs at the scales. We were in second place and topped out by a 25 lb. fish, oh well no winner fish this year. Great day on water. The party had a blast and so did I. They went home with plenty of fresh Mahi. Another great day on the big pond. God I love this job. I will post some video soon!

July 7, 2011
I had a Gulf stream trip today with a father and his three sons from Bristol, Va. I was joined by Jack Ford and his sons Trey, Jacob & Jordan. I told them that the sea conditions were going to be rather tough and they said they were willing to "tough it out", so off we went. We exited Beaufort Inlet in some very sporty sea conditions. I pointed south and was able to make about 17 knots. The further we got offshore the seas laid out a bit. I pulled the throttles back about the 500 line in 125 ft of water, 80.5sst and very blue water and lots of flying fish. I could not get the entire spread out and we were covered up with Mahi. Most were slinger and few gaffers. We had a sail or a white on for a short while and it pulled the hook after a few jumps. Had another sail or white come in and smack a few baits but could not get a hook in it. We had very steady action all day and ended with 15 Mahi total. The ride home was not bad and the " good ole boys from Virginia" and myself had a wonderful day on the beautiful blue Gulf stream waters. They went home with allot of fresh Mahi to last em for a while.

October 2014
The month of October we ran mostly 6 and 9 hour trips. Had a few gulfstream trips planned but bad sea conditions did not allow us to get offshore and some clients elected to go on the 6 or 9 hour trips. The king mackerel bight was really good and we had some steady action and some nice size fish as well. Also caught some amberjacks, sharks, false albacore and black sea bass while bottom fishing.

May 26, 2013
Today I was joined by some members of the Onslow Bay Fishing Club. My anglers for the day included Mark and Jay Maddox, Chris and Gary Lambertsen all from Jacksonville NC. We cleared Beaufort Inlet and was greeted by calm seas and I pointed towards the SW corner of the Big Rock. We get out the spread and and it took a while before we got our first bite. Then the center rigger bait goes off, fish on! Chris was the first angler to do battle and after a good run and some nice jumps we put a nice gaffer Mahi on ice! We work that area for a while and proceed to work North up the break in search of fish. The fishing was slow to say the least but we managed to get 5 more bites which 3 made it to the box. I blew up in the afternoon and got rough on the way. The closer to the beach we got the nicer the ride in became. We finished the day with 4 nice gaffer Mahi. The crew was pleased with the day and went home some fresh fish for the grill. Mission accomplished.

July 12, 2012
I had a double half day yesterday and the ocean was like a lake Atlantic. The morning trip I was joined by Ron Hall from Huntersville, NC and Horace Harwell aka "Choco" from Highpoint, NC. The afternoon trip was with Dave and Donavan Carroll from Powell, Ohio & Chad and Cameron Stanley from Clintonville , Ohio. Filled up the live well with some fresh shad and headed to Keypost Rock. Marked lost of bait and we had good action with the big Spaniards again. We had a smoker on and when it rolled up it was a nice 25lb king mack. There was also a boat that hooked up to a sailfish right next to us, the fish made multiple jumps and leaps what a great site to see. We ended the day total on both trips with 10 Spanish and 2 kings and of coarse lost of sharks. The morning bite was better that the afternoon. Very nice day on the water!

July 31, 2011
I had a gulf stream trip planned today with some guys I work with. Gary Reynolds , David Barrett & Kevin Heigl. We got a late start because of a battery switch that went south and I had to get the parts for a quick fix. We finally got up a running about 8:00. The ocean was slick calm and we pointed to the 90ft drop. Found a small weed line just inshore of there and 2 sheets plywood floating. Got the spread out and picked up two mahi real quick right under one of the pieces of plywood. Then we picked up a wahoo on the deep bait on a red/black mylar flash skirted ballyhoo. Then we caught a cudda. Also had a few short strikes which we think were blackfins. Then we got a smoker on the deep bait again, about 20 minutes later we sack a real nice wahoo. With the late start time was running out and it was time to head to the hill. Great ride in except for the thunderstorm we encountered, at least it washed off the boat real good. It was a great day on the water with some great friends! I have some great video footage that I will share soon.

Sept 12, 2013
Today I took a group of Police officers from Rocky Mount. This groups trip had been rescheduled twice before in the spring because of bad weather. Third time is a charm! We were greeted by light winds and slick calm seas for the ride to the break. Put out the high speed "Cowbells" about 7miles short of the SH in 20 fathoms. Ten minutes later the 80 wide starts screaming, Wahoo!!! Nothing like the strike you get when pulling the high speed stuff. After a short battle our first wahoo goes on ice! Pull the lures till we get to our planned spot and no more love from the lures so we put out the meat. Work that area for a while and pick up one more wahoo and pulled of two more. Then work up the line and near the Rise we find a good rip and weed line that we work. Saw a sail free jumping and shortly later he comes in to give us a shot, hooked up for a short while but could not get a good hook set. Then we had a double header wahoo and pull off two more. Ended the day with five nice Wahoo. The colors of choice were the blue/white islander and the black/red and black/purple sea witches. Pulled the high speeds for several miles on the way in but more love. Picked up and headed for the hill. It was a beautiful day on mother ocean and great day was had by all.

June 22, 2011
I had a gulfstream trip today with a group of guys from Ohio. Steve, Chris & Mike Manderville and Lucas Phillips. Headed out of Beaufort Inlet and was greeted by light winds and confused seas that ended up getting much better by the time we got to the end of the shoals. The smoke from the wild fire in Hampstead was terrible to say the least, very thick. Had one close call while trolling, had a tanker come within a 100 yards or so of us, scared the crap out of everybody. Found some real blue water and 78 sst and put em out. Our first bite came from either a white or a sail but could not keep em tight and spit the hook after several jumps. Then hooked up to a gaffer bull Mahi. Had several more knock downs and no hook ups. Then a long period with no bites. As the day was winding down we had a hook up on the deep bait. The fish came to the surface and we could see it was a small mahi. While skipping the fish to the boat a large Blue Marlin exploded on it within 20 yards of the boat and try to eat it. We ended up with half a mahi. Very exciting to see. Caught one more mahi and it was time to head to the hill. Kind of a slow day fishing with some exciting moments. They guys were pleased with the day and went home with plenty of fresh mahi. Great day on the water with some fine fellows .

September 5, 2012
Today I was joined by Bill Sprouse from Parkersburg W Va and his son Esteban Valenzuela from Menifee, Ca. I chose to fish on Tuesday from our scheduled trip on Wednesday because of the swells coming from then tropical storm Leslie. We loaded up with some fresh live menhaden and cleared Bogue Inlet and was greeted by light winds and calm seas. Pointed towards the SE bottom area. We marked lots of bait and the first two bites were sharks. Then the downrigger starts screaming and Esteban was the angler. After a short fight he brings the fish within gaff range, nice king in the box! Then we caught a big cudda, ole stinky and Bill is the angler. Bill has a prosthetic arm and let me tell you this gentleman did a great job as a angler, he held the reel upside down a reeled backwards! He has not let his disability hold him back from enjoying sport fishing. I felt honored to be able to put this guy on some fish and give him some lasting memories with his son! We caught many sharks and a few nice kings to finished the day. Wow what a great day, one I will remember for ever, I feel so blessed to be able to do this for a living!

June 8, 2010
Today's trip I was joined by Jim Scott, dad, Stephen Scott, son, Jennifer Scott, daughter and Noah, Jennifer's son all here on vacation from Georgia. With a full day live bait trip planned and a near perfect forecast I loaded up the live well with some fresh caught menhaden and busted through Bogue Inlet wide open and pointed South with the first stop to be the high relief bottom 25 miles offshore. Get there and the sst is 76.5 nice clean water and marking bait. Get our first hook up on the down rigger at 50 ft and the first king of the day is in the box. Work that area for about 1 hour with no more strikes. Pick up and head offshore 9 more miles to the 10 & 12 ft ledges in 112 ft of water. We get there and the sst has gone up to 78.5 much cleaner and very clear water. There were birds and porpoise working bait and saw Mahi feeding on the surface, very fishy looking! From then on it was steady action all day with Mahi, kings, Cobia, cudas and Amberjack. The highlight of the day was near lunch time when we get a absolute barn burner smoker on the medium bait. Clear the other lines and work to the fish. Jennifer is the angler and she did a very fine job with keeping the fish tight even after charging the boat a couple of times. Twenty five minutes after the hook up the fish comes to gaff and this pig of a Wahoo is on the deck. The fish topped the scales at 75 lbs and was a NC Saltwater Citation.

December 16, 2012
Josh and I went in search of trout and we found them today. Caught our limit and the biggest three weighed in at an official weight station were 4.6lbs, 3.9lbs & 3.6lbs. All were nice fish and the smallest was 17 inches. Caught our fish on jerk shad. What a blast, back to the dock at noon! Fresh trout for dinner, yumm!

June 13, 2012
I had a full day live bait trip today with newly weds Adam & Megan Crotts, Joe Crotts and Shelby Bradford all from Mocksville, NC. I headed offshore to the 10/12 foot ledges. Got there put out the live shad. We caught a few sharks and then the down rigger bait gets hit and starts screaming. This is no shark. Shelby was the angler and after 10 minute fight we sink the gaff in a 25 lb King Mackerel, the first king on the Teezher this year. Continue to work the same area and then we get a bite on the long bait, hooked up to a Mahi. Adam is the angler and a Mahi is what he wanted to catch. After about a 10 minute fight we boat a bull Mahi! Then we switch over to do some bottom fishing. As soon as we drop down everybody starts pulling in some very nice silver snappers. We caught our limit of silvers quickly and had to release the rest, they just kept coming up! Also caught allot of Beliners but all were short but one keeper and lots of sea bass and did manage a few keepers. Great day on the water.

July 10 to 27, 2011
Well the last couple of weeks I have managed to get in several 1/2 day near shore trips despite the tough sea conditions latley. We have fished places like Keypost rocks, AR 342, SE Bottoms, 45 Minute Rock, Charlie Buoy and Jerry's Reef. Have been pulling live menhaden as well as cigar minnows and Spanish sardines that we had jigged up at Charlie buoy. Fishing has been kind of hit and miss but have managed to find some descent action with large Spanish and a few kings and mahi. We have caught some nice black sea bass around the Jerry's reef area. There are also plenty of Amberjack to be had at Jerry's reef.