May and June 2016

May and June there were many very windy days and made for some rough sea conditions and many cancelled trips but we managed to get out several days and had descent catches of mahi in the gulfstream and the nearshore half and full days trips we caught kings, mahi, amberjacks, cobia, spanish mackerel, blues and black seabass.

May 2017

This month we ran half day trips and caught Spanish, blues and bonita. We fished in the NC Offshore Challenge both days and caught Mahi the biggest was 27.8 lbs not big enough to place in the money this year. The marlin fishing was really good in May with lots of boats releasing fish. We encountered 2 Marlin but no solid hookups for us.

November & December 2017

I ran a few Speckled Trout trips and we had allot of good action days with plenty of keeper size trout.

August 2016

The half and full day trips produced king mackerel and lots of citation size spanish mackerel in the 5 to 7 pound range. We also caught mahi, amberjack and sharks. The gulfstream trips produced wahoo, mahi, blackfin tuna and sailfish.

October 2017

October we ran all half day trips and the king mackerel bite was very good and we had some great action days. We also caught some nice Spanish mackerel along with albacore and sharks. We also did some bottom fishing and caught black sea bass, silver snapper, grunts, short grouper and a Atlantic trumpet fish.

April & May 2018

April we ran a few half day trips for Bonita, blues and Spanish. May the wind blew allot and we had to reschedule or cancel many trips. We also were not able to fish the NC Offshore Challenge due to rough seas. We did manage to get in one Gulf Stream trip which was slow and only caught a couple Mahi. Also ran a few half day trips and caught king & Spanish mackerel, bonito, albacore, bluefish, mahi and Cobia.


This month we ran mostly 1/2 and 3/4 day trips and one Gulf Stream trip. We caught king & Spanish mackerel, sharks and wahoo. The biggest king was 35.1 lbs caught by lady angler Jamison Calhoun of Jacksonville NC and the biggest wahoo was 44.5 lbs caught by lady angler Cindy Keen of Emerald Isle NC.

August 2017

In August we ran Gulf Stream and half day trips. In the Gulf Stream we caught Wahoo. On the half day trips we caught king and Spanish mackerel, barracuda, albacore and sharks.

November and December 2016

These two months we did not run any offshore trips. We did do some speckled trout fishing and it was as good as I have experienced in several years. Good numbers of fish as well as lots of big fish. We did go giant bluefin tuna fishing twice and no bites for us. There were some fish caught this season out of Beaufort Inlet and around the Cape Lookout shoals. Most of the fish caught were very large fish and one that weighted over a 1,000 lbs.

July 2016

Mostly ran half and full day nearshore trips and had catches of king mackerel, spanish mackerel, cobia, amberjacks, sharks, grouper and black seabass. The gulfstream trips we ran we caught mostly mahi.

June 2018

June we ran one Gulf Stream trip and caught a few mahi and some nice trigger fish. The rest of the month we ran half day trips and one full day trip to the east side of Cape lookout.  We caught king & Spanish mackerel, mahi, barracuda, albacore and sharks. The East side trip was one to remember for sure. It was no stop action all day with king & Spanish mackerel. We ended the day with 15 kings the biggest 51.14 lbs and 6 Spanish Mackerel with 2 weighing over 6 lbs.

June 2017

This month we ran half day trips and caught kings, Spanish, blues, amberjack and black seabass.

We also ran a few Gulf stream trips and caught nice size mahi and missed a few sails.

Sept, Oct & Nov 2018

Well these three months were a challenge for sure. Allot of rough sea conditions and the worst hurricane, Florence I have ever experienced. We lost allot of trips but when we were able fishing was great. We caught king & Spanish mackerel, Cobia, sharks and wahoo. The biggest king was caught by Donald Hadley from Cary NC 29.6 lbs. Some of the the bigger boats that were able to get to the Gulf Stream had some of the best wahoo and sailfish action ever.

July 2017

This month we ran 6 and 9 hour live bait trips and caught a mix of small to average size kings and 1 NC citation king that weighed 34.8 lbs caught by Andrew Schweser from Arlington Va. We also caught big spanish mackerel, cobia, false albacore and black seabass. We only ran one Gulf stream trip and caught some nice gaffer mahi the biggest weighed 25 lbs.

September and October 2016

These two months we had some very good fishing days on the Gulf stream and the nearshore trips. Gulf stream trips produced wahoo, mahi, tuna, and sailfish. The nearshore king mackerel bite was very good with great action and good sized fish as well as sailfish and Cobia. The sailfish bite nearshore was as good as I have ever experienced. We had back to back days where we released sails and had multiple encounters as well as seeing other boats fight and release fish near us.

September 2017

September we were not able to fish many days due to weather and sea conditions. We had two hurricanes Irma and Jose that cost us many trips being canceled. The few trips we did run fishing was slow and only caught a few wahoo, king mackerel and barracuda.

July 2018

July we ran all half day trips. We caught king & Spanish mackerel, mahi, cobia, barracuda and sharks. The biggest king was 25 lbs

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